Principal positions

The principal positions in the company are:

  • Truck Driver

  • Vans Driver

  • Transport Agent

  • Transport Coordinator

  • Assistant manager

  • Economist


Open positions

  • Cluj, Romania

  • Mid Level


  • Driving license C category;

  • Certificate of professional training of the driver;

  • Professional Certificate of transport general cargo;


  • Distributes and delivers the goods under the notice: usually temperature controlled food (refrigerated or frozen) in Romania, for large chains of storehouses, for retail shops, for platforms and other deposits in the country.

  • The driver must arrive at the location loading, at the date and time established and communicated in advance by the transport coordinator;

  • Manages correctly the merchandise and ensures that she is transported to the indicated temperature, from loading to delivery;

  • Manages correctly the delivery documents: notices goods / pallet, invoices / receipts (received from customers);

  • Prepares the CMR waybills and Roadmaps to each course;

  • Leaves the documents on time and to the specified department;

  • Respects the working procedures;

What we offer:

  • Individual employment contract for an indefinite period with a trial period of 90 days;

  • Full time, but with the distribution of working hours unevenly;

  • Night bonus, weekend bonus, overtime bonus;

  • 21 days annual leave working in relation to working hours;

  • Other benefits granted in the form of bonuses (fuel to personal car, vacation and holiday bonuses, vouchers).

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